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Mikhail Y. SUSAK

Speciality:orthopedist traumatologist
NMU them. AA Bogomolets
Experience:4 years
Courses on "Humey-Ho Therapy"

About me

Young, but very promising. We were very fortunate that Mikhail Yaroslavovich appeared in our team. And for our patients, it’s just a find. Careful, attentive to the details. In a word, a professional.

Doctor orthopedist traumatologist, vertebrologist. Profile: Treatment of diseases of the spine and joints. Rehabilitation of orthopedic and traumatic patients.

NMU them AA Bogomolets
Experience – 4 years.

Types of therapeutic effects: manual therapy, kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, medication, intravenous / articular administration of drugs.

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Ударно-волновая терапия (УВТ)
Лечение болей в спине

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