Consultation of a doctor (examination, diagnosis, treatment, anesthesia, intravenous infusions (in acute cases). 500 UAH
Consultation of the main doctor 600 UAH
Repeated consultation (within 14 calendar days from the last consultation) 200 UAH
Repeated consultation (during the year) 300 UAH
Therapeutic session of the chief doctor 700 UAH
Therapeutic massage of the muscles of the back 350 UAH
Therapeutic massage of the upper limb 150 UAH
Therapeutic massage of the lower limb 200 UAH
General medical massage 650 UAH
Biomechanical correction of the spine joints 250 UAH
Postisometric relaxation of muscles 250 UAH
Myofascial release (osteopathic techniques) 250 UAH
Complex manual therapy 700 UAH
Magnetolaser therapy 100 UAH
Electromyostimulation 130 UAH
Ultrasound therapy 150 UAH
The method of deep oscillation 300 UAH
High-Tone Therapy 300 UAH
Carboxytherapy 250 UAH
UHF-therapy 150 UAH
Tekar therapy 400 UAH
Intramuscular injections 30 UAH + medicines
Intravenous injections 150 UAH + medicines
Intravenous infusion 300 UAH + medicines
Medicamental blockadeа 250 UAH + medicines
Intra-articular drug administration 400 UAH + medicines
Pharmacopuncture 200 UAH + medicines
Kinesiotherapy 100 UAH
Acupuncture 400 UAH
ECG (12 leads) 150 UAH
Kinesitherapy 1 session 400 UAH
Kinesitherapy 5 sessions 1800 UAH
Complex Rehabilitation Capsule 200 UAH
Shock Wave Therapy 400 UAH
PRP therapy (treatment with plasma enriched with platelets) 1000 UAH


5 days course

Prescriptions: prevention of spinal diseases, muscle pain, scoliosis spondylitis, dorsopathy

3500 UAH
5 days course

Prescriptions: arthrosis, deforming arthrosis, joint instability

3500 UAH
5 days course

Prescriptions: radicular syndrome, caused by protrusions, hernias, backbone instability, intercostal neuralgia

3800 UAH
Prescriptions: backbone and joints operations, traumas, fractures and dislocations 4200 UAH.
5 days course

Prescriptions: artherial hypertension, caused by neck osteochondrosis, dizziness, headache, chronic fatigue

3500 UAH
5 days course

Prescriptions : calcaneal spur or plantar fascitis, hallux deformation, epicondylitis, trochantheritisis etc.

1800 UAH


US thyroid + regional lymph nodes 120 UAH
US mammary glands + regional lymph nodes 140 UAH
US pleural cavity 110 UAH
US gallbladder and kidney 120 UAH
US gallbladder and prostate glands with defining residual urine (abdominal) 120 UAH
US prostate glands (transrectal) + regional lymph nodes 220 UAH
US scrotum 170 UAH
US kidney , gallbladder and prostate with the defining of residual urine (abdominal) 150 UAH
УЗИ печени + сосуды билиарной системы + Л/У 100 грн.
УЗИ селезенки 100 грн.
УЗИ желчного пузыря и желчевыводящих путей 100 грн.
УЗИ поджелудочной железы 100 грн.
Комплексное УЗ исследование (печень, желчный пузырь, желчные протоки, поджелудочная железа , селезенка, сосуды портальной системы , почки, надпочечники)+ регионарные Л\У 200 грн.
Комплексное УЗ исследование (печень, желчный пузырь, желчные протоки, поджелудочная железа, селезенка, сосуды портальной системы)+регионарные Л/У 180 грн.
Повторное УЗИ на протяжение календарного месяца (динамика) одной анатомической зоны 120 грн.