Treatment of back, back and limb pain, joint pain | Methods of treatment and diagnostics

In the clinic Prima Vertebra in Kiev, you are offered quality back, back pain and limbs, joint pain treatment. Doctors of the clinic Prima Vertebra apply a large number of non-surgical methods: from soft manual techniques (massage, biomechanical correction, myofascial release, etc.) to shock wave therapy and therapeutic blockades. For the most effective treatment we offer an individual set of procedures for each patient.

Back, spine, back pain treatment

In the clinic “Prima Vertebra” in Kiev, you are offered quality back, back pain and limbs, joint pain treatment. Our clinic has been working since 2014. Our “golden hands” experienced professionals with many years of experience are at your service. Back and spine treatement are impossible without diagnosing the problems that led you to help the orthopedist.

What causes back pain?
Back pain can be caused by various diseases of the spine, as well as inflammation and trauma to the muscles, back tendons and other surrounding tissues. Pain can be neurological. In particular back pain is a symptom of spine curvature more often scoliosis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, lordosis, intervertebral hernia, tumorous diseases of the back (benign and malignant).
Pain in the back signals the need to visit an orthopedist.

Why is it necessary to treat back, spine with pain?
If you do not carry out treatment of the spine and back pain then serious complications may arise, the need for urgent surgical treatment if a case is neglected. Among the most frequent complications are:
– Increased pain;
– restriction of movement, slopes, turns, raising of hands;
– impossibility of lifting not only weights, but also household objects;
– the need for urgent hospitalization;
– severe headaches, limbs numbness, loss of sensitivity and so on.

The spine is an important component in a human body. In spine diseases most often there is a fault in posture ,undue fatiguability, the stability of the legs is disrupted (a person unsteadily stands on his feet and can fall in winter on ice or on a slippery floor, etc.), possibly disturbing walking. Sometimes aged patients complain that their “legs do not obey.”

Most often, back pain causes the following diseases: spondylolisthesis, vertebral stenosis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis with vertebral fractures, herniated disc more than 5 mm.

What exactly hurts in the back? What exactly can hurt? Back pain can occur in the joints, ligaments, muscles, vertebrae, intervertebral discs. Back pain can have a clear place of localization, and can be felt in many places periodically, or when doing any movements, slopes, exercises and normally is not observed during relaxation period.

According to medical data, smokers more often than non-smokers develop spine pain. The increase of the back pain can lead to abnormalities in skeleton and surrounding tissues development, overweight, sudden movements, sedentary lifestyle, hard physical work.

Treatment of the back in Kiev (treatment of the spine)
Treatment of the back is aimed at eliminating the cause of pain, pain syndrome. Anesthesia is necessary for all diseases, pain should not be tolerated. Treatment of the back in the clinic “Prima Vertebra” is carried out with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs, exercise therapy, spinal traction, wearing a corset, muscle relaxants, with the help of manual therapy, electroneurostimulation, and psychological correction. In each case, one chooses his own method of treating the back. It is preceded by a qualitative diagnosis of pain in the back, backbone.

If you need back pain treatment, if you want to cure the spine, call the numbers on the website and sign up for an appointment with an experienced specialist.