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Mesotherapy is a method of administering drugs intradermally in small doses both locally and regionally and at a distance from the affected organ in order to obtain a pharmaceutical effect. The administered drugs and also, through the stimulating action of the injections one obtains positive results in numerous pathological conditions.

The price is 150 UAH.

Duration of the procedure is 5-10 minutes.

The course of treatment is 5-10 procedures.

Depending on the medicines used we distinguish allopathic mesotherapy, homeopathic (antihomotoxic) mesotherapy, mesotherapy with the use of gases, etc.


Mesotherapy is used for:

– Pain syndromes (somatogenic, neurogenic, angiogenic, psychogenic, acute and chronic);
– inflammatory processes;
– diseases of the vascular system (varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, atherosclerosis, diabetic angiopathy, couperose, telangiectasia, any microcirculatory disturbances);
– Diseases of the skin and its appendages (including cellulite, alopecia (baldness), onychomycosis, pathological scars (infected, atrophic, hypertrophic, including keloid), pigmentary disorders, acne, stretch marks, age changes, wrinkles, gravitational ptosis, etc. .
– diseases of the immune system (immunodeficiencies, lymphadenitis, lymphangitis, lymphadenopathy);
– diseases of the ENT organs, abdominal cavity, gynecological sphere, metabolic disorders.


Anti-inflammation for mesoterapy. Absolute contraindications:

  • pathological phobia of the needle,
  • neoplasms,
  • hemophilia.

Relative contraindications are mainly associated with contraindications and side effects of drugs (allergic reactions, drug intolerance).


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