высокотоновая терапияHigh-tone therapy is a kind of physiotherapy treatment. This therapy is based on electrical impulses of high frequency. Penetrating deep into the cells, high frequencies trigger intracellular processes and activate metabolism. As a result, toxins are extracted from the cells and their energy potential is increased. Simply put, cells receive additional energy for renewal. This gives the effect of biological rejuvenation of cells, reduces pain, improves physical, mental and sexual activity.


The price is 200 UAH.

Duration of the procedure is 30-60 minutes.

The course of treatment is 3-6 procedures.

After the termination of therapy the patient feels vivacity and a burst of vitality. That is, the effect occurs on the entire body as a whole, and not only on the painful area. The procedure of high-tone therapy stimulates the body to heal itself. This is a much more effective method of relieving pain, especially chronic, than conventional methods of treatment. At the same time, there is a decrease in the need for the use of pharmacological agents, which in itself is good for the body.


  • arthrosis of joints,
  • humeroscapular periarthritis,
  • treatment of diseases of the spine;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • rehabilitation after injuries, operations;
  • headaches;

Also, all the functions of the body are normalized. For example, high blood pressure decreases, and lower blood pressure rises, the heart rate is normalized.

There are a number of positive side effects:

  • Significant weight loss,
  • reduction of HbA1c (glycohemoglobin),
  • improvement of the function of microvascular endothelial cells,
  • reduction and increased differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells, which can promote tissue regeneration.
  • systemic improvement of immunity indices.


  • acute infectious diseases
  • local bacterial damage
  • presence of a pacemaker
  • pregnancy
  • acute circulatory disorders (heart attack, stroke)
  • Oncological diseases in the zone of influence.


  • How many therapy procedures are included in the course?
    Depends on the nature and extent of the disease. The treatment course in the Vertebroneurology and Kinesitherapy Clinic “Prima Vertebra” includes 3 to 6 procedures. In complex cases, the number of sessions reaches 9.
  • After how many treatments are there therapeutic effects?
    Pain symptoms usually disappear after 2 sessions of high-tone therapy. To fix the effect and eliminate the cause of the disease it is necessary to pass at least 3 procedures.
  • How much does one procedure of high-tonic therapy cost?
    The cost of one procedure is 200 UAH. In the “Prices” section you can find out the cost of other procedures.

We advise you to consult with our doctors before starting the procedures.

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