Kinesitherapy at the Vertebroneurology and Kinesitherapy Clinic Prima Vertebra


реабилитация после травм, операций в клинике "Prima Vertera"

Kinesitherapy is literally “treatment by movement”. This method of rehabilitation is used in cases of most diseases and begins as soon as the patient’s condition stabilizes.

Before beginning rehabilitation with the use of methods of kinesitherapy it is necessary to conduct a deep diagnosis of non-functioning muscles. If this is not done but simply assign a motor load then only healthy muscles will be strained. The body will spare the sick muscles which will lead to a muscle imbalance. During the diagnosis, the kinesitherapist relies only on his knowledge and sensations. And it’s wrong to rely only on your strength and perseverance to ensure recovery.

The price is 300 UAH.

Duration of the procedure is 60 minutes.

The course of treatment is 5-10 procedures.



Doctors of our clinic prescribe kinesitherapy to restore the function of movement, reduce the likelihood of complications (pressure sores, contractures, etc.) and maintain the patient’s overall physical capacity.

Usually after an illness surgery or injury the muscles of a person become weaker, the mobility of the joints decreases and the natural movements are disturbed. Kinesitherapy is also prescribed for back pain, joint pain, reduced mobility of the joints, after trauma, in case of incorrect posture and other musculoskeletal disorders. A special feature of the method is that rehabilitation after fractures and injuries can be carried out even with an immobilizing bandage.



Specialists of the Vertebroneurology and Kinesitherapy Clinic “Prima Vertebra” develop an individual complex of physical exercises that are performed in a universal kinesiotherapy cabin.


Each exercise is calculated by a rehabilitator-kinezoterapist taking into account the muscles damage and the patient’s condition.


  • acute infectious and inflammatory diseases with high body temperature and general intoxication;
  • acute period of the disease and its progressing course;
  • acute disorders of coronary and cerebral circulation;
  • acute thrombosis and embolism;
  • Significant pain syndrome.

The results of applying the method:

  • blood supply to the brain improves;
  • coaching is practiced;
  • Restore limb function;
  • Muscle work improves;
  • joint mobility improves;
  • blood pressure stabilizes;
  • metabolic processes are restored.


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Complex application of kinesitherapy.

For a speedy recovery the doctors of the Vertebroneurology and Kinesitherapy clinic “Prima Vertebra” combine kinesitherapy with other procedures and methods such as therapeutic massage, manual therapy, magnetolaser therapy and kinesiotherapy, etc.

As part of a comprehensive course, kinesitherapy increases the effectiveness of other treatments. Important in this case is the creation of a positive psycho-emotional background, improving mood and strengthening confidence in recovery.

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