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Physiotherapy exercises at the Vertebroneurology and Kinesitherapy Clinic Prima Vertebra are an important part of health programs. It is based on the maximum use of the possibilities of movements for the treatment and prevention of diseases and their exacerbations.

The price is 300 UAH.

Duration of the procedure is 45-60 minutes.

The course of treatment is 5-10 procedures.

LFK in the Vertebroneurology and Kinesitherapy Clinic “Prima Vertebra”


All curative physical education programs are appointed individually. Depending on this LFK can be appointed as an independent type of treatment or as an auxiliary therapy. As an independent method, LFK helps: to reconstruct or restore motor functions, disturbed by the disease and pain, to correct motor changes associated with violation of innervation.

Thanks to therapeutic physical training in the clinic “Prima Vertebra”:

  • Improves physical activity and physical abilities;
  • the intensity of pain syndromes decreases;
  • pains are relieved or completely gone;
  • the state of the nervous system improves.

Complex application of therapeutic physical training (exercise therapy)

For a speedy recovery, the doctors of the Vertebroneurology and Kinesitherapy clinic “Prima Vertebra” combine physical therapy with other procedures and methods: medical massage, manual therapy, magnetolaser therapy and kinesiotherapy, etc.

In the complex course of exercise therapy increases the effectiveness of other methods of treatment. Important in this case is the creation of a positive psycho-emotional background, improving mood and strengthening confidence in recovery. In addition, LFK helps to consolidate the results of treatment, makes them more stable and long-term.

Basic principles of exercise therapy in “Prima Vertebra”

Therapeutic physical training in our clinic is conducted strictly by the professional rehabilitator-kinezoterapist individually.

Use of the latest developments and various methods Individuality in building occupations taking into account age, health status, level of physical fitness, diagnosis of underlying and concomitant diseases.

Duration and intensity of exercise therapy are determined in each case individually, as well as a specific system, method, set of exercises. This is what ensures the best results of therapeutic physical education in our clinic and its maximum effectiveness in the treatment and consolidation of the results of treatment of diseases.


  • How many procedures of physical therapy are included in the course?
    The course of curative physical education includes 5 sessions in the clinic “Prima Vertebra”. Then the patient continues to do exercises at home. In the course of treatment the course can be adjusted depending on the results.
  • Is the load not harmful in case of severe pain?
    Exercises in the course of exercise therapy are selected individually. Some exercises are performed passively, with the help of a specialist. The course is specifically designed for weakened patients and is prescribed after the doctor is convinced of his safety.
  • What kind of diseases does LFK help?
    In clinic “Prima Vertebra” the methods of exercise therapy are successfully used to treat a wide range of diseases, including:
    – diseases and traumas of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, dorsopathy, radiculitis, arthritis, arthrosis, scoliosis and posture disorders, flat feet, the consequences of injuries, etc.)
    – Pain syndromes (cervicalgia, dorsalgia, lumbalia, arthralgia, myalgia)
  • How long does the healing effect of exercise therapy last?
    After completing the full recovery course at the Vertebroneurology and Kinesitherapy clinic “Prima Vertebra”, one must adhere to the prescription of the doctor and regularly do gymnastics. When these requirements are met, you can forget about pain permanently or permanently.
  • How much does it cost for 1 exercise at the Clinic for Vertebroneurology and Kinesitherapy “Prima Vertebra”?
    The cost of the lesson is 250 UAH. Find out more about the cost of other procedures in the PRICES section. Before starting treatment we recommend that you consult with our doctor.

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